Monday, 17 October 2011

Second Year overview

I wont go into to much detail on my second year work as this blog has been set up after and i have new work to talk about. The bee/wasp/hornet....idea, whatever you want it to be, but is actually a hornet....was a character i designed for my first lip sync project. I think i found my feet on this project, although the movement was twinned and the character wasn't the toughest of designs i feel it was the best i had done up until that date, i think he was dynamic and had some good expressions. I will post the final lip sync line test up, the clip was from the 10 second animation club and i was allocated it, i think its a clip from the film "little voice".

The 2 tramp characters were from the project after this, i feel i improved even more here and actually started producing some nice loose work without relying on clean bold line to try and make everything look neat and "properly drawn", something i did a lot in first year. The characters were for my third year end of year film, i choose the character interaction brief so i could try and concentrate fully on my animation progression and not worry about set design and a polished film. The idea of the film was just to incorporate some slapstick violence and crude humour to create a small film in which 2 tramps interacted with each other. i wanted to try out walk cycles, and some (on my level) complicated animation with lip sync and some Jon K style animation. I was neither happy nor unhappy with the final outcome, i think my animation improved and that i moved higher up the learning curve during this project although i had no sound or colour. I was planning to colour it over the summer but i wanted to leave it alone and move on the better things. I will post the final film also.

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